Pest Control Tips For Your Backyard

It always sounds nice to enjoy the day outside from morning through night, but then you remember the bugs—flies, bees, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes. It's hard to enjoy your time outside when you're constantly swatting the bugs away or slathering on mosquito repellent to help protect you from those awful bug bites. There are ways to help control the insects in your backyard. See below for some helpful tips to allow you to finally enjoy your yard.

Fly Control

Try to hang up clear sandwich bags of water with a penny inside of them. Hang the bags on your porch or near where you will be sitting. The reflection in the water helps keep the flies away. Also move garbage away from your porch or sitting area to help keep the flies at bay.


Get rid of ants by spraying a pesticide around the perimeter of your porch or patio. You can also sprinkle a granular pesticide around your yard if you have a lot of ant hills around your yard. The granules are poisonous and will help kill the ants and the ones in the nest as well. Clean up your porch or patio after eating outside to be sure small particles of food aren't feeding these pests.


Help prevent these pests from bothering you by spraying bee/wasp killer to get rid of bee and wasp nests and to kill these bugs. Wasps can make their nests in the underside of your decking, in your gutters, and on children's play toys and play houses. Keep an eye out if you begin to see a lot of wasps, as there is probably a nest nearby. Their sting can be painful and dangerous if someone you love is allergic to their sting.


Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects that can cause your backyard experience to go from fun to a feeding frenzy in no time at all. Spray your lawn with a mosquito fogger to help get rid of most of the population in your yard to make it a little more bearable for you and your guests. To help protect yourself a little more, invest in a Thermacell to help keep the tiny vampires away from you and to protect you from their itchy bites. For little ones, you can have them wear clip-on mosquito repellent or a wrist band that helps to repel them.

Take back your backyard; keep these insects away from you, your family and your guests so you can enjoy your time outside once again. For additional advice, contact a company that sells pest control supplies.