Adding Sculptures In Backyard Gardens

Marker stones, small flags, and tiny pinwheels and figurines are common garden accents. They add color and playfulness and help to expand on a specific design theme. The problem is that they are often small and become lost in a mature garden and may be practically invisible when the yard is viewed from the road, house, or sidewalk. Sculptures are a better option in larger gardens and make more of a visual impact from a distance. Here is how to add them to the design without overwhelming everything else in the garden.

Choose Only One

Avoid adding other large items to the garden to prevent crowding the space or making it look too busy. Invest in one high-quality item to act as the main item in the garden. This will not only look better, but it will also ensure that the piece gets the attention it deserves. 

Focus the Attention

Make the sculpture the focal point of the garden. Have it centered in the garden or rearrange the layout so that multiple pathways lead in its direction. Place comfortable seating areas around the sculpture so it acts as the ultimate destination and can be admired from up close. 

Design Gardens Accordingly

Make certain the garden and statue have similar designs. A western-style aluminum horse sculpture would look out of place in the middle of a Japanese rock garden, but making it look as if the horse could be grazing naturally in the garden will help it blend perfectly.

Keep Other Accents

Do not take away all other accessories. Small decorative items still have their place and help to keep interest in the areas away from the main focal point. Themed items are not necessary either. Installing a large horse sculpture does not mean the garden flag must now have a horse emblazoned on it or that stepping stones should be shaped like horseshoes. Doing this could make the yard seem too gimmicky and take away the appeal of a quality sculpture. 

Choose sculptures by their scale. An enormous sculpture in a small yard will look unappealing no matter how beautiful it may be. It should never feel as if the sculpture is looming over the garden or taking up so much space that walking through or sitting and admiring the plants feels crowded and uncomfortable. Likewise, choosing a sculpture that is too small will defeat the purpose of its installation. Make certain it is large enough to view easily from random areas around the yard and to offer the immediate impact desired without being so large the rest of the yard is ignored. 

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