Granite Countertop Tips For Homeowners

Having granite countertops in your kitchen can be an excellent investment. However, a homeowner that is uninformed about these countertops can be unable to adequately care for it. To protect the investment that you made in your granite slabs, you should always keep some simple guidelines in mind.

Avoid Using The Granite Countertop As A Cutting Board

When you are cooking, you may need to cut a number of different ingredients. Due to its reputation as being extremely strong, some homeowners will simply cut directly on the granite countertops. In addition to leaving behind scratches, cutting directly on the granite can cause small metal shavings from the knife to get stuck in the stone. These metal fragments can be highly noticeable when they are in dark colored granite, and it may not be possible to remove them. Preventing your granite countertop from encountering these damages will require you to always use a cutting board for this part of the cooking process.

Keep Colored Epoxy Available

Granite is one of the harder stones that will be commonly used for countertops. This strength will allow the stone to be highly durable against chips and cracks. However, it will still be possible for the countertop to suffer these damages. In order to repair this damage when it occurs, you should keep a colored granite epoxy that matches your countertops available. When you notice that this damage has occurred, you can use this epoxy to quickly repair the damage so that the chips and cracks do not worsen. You can purchase this epoxy from home improvement stores, and if you are worried about matching it to your countertops, you should take a picture of them. Comparing this photograph to the various epoxy options will allow you to choose one that most closely matches the natural color of your granite.

Appreciate The Fact That Heat Can Be Very Damaging To Granite Countertops

Granite is a very heat resistant stone, and this can lead to individuals placing hot pots and pans on the countertops. While the heat from your pots and pans is unlikely to cause structural damage to the countertops, it can contribute to cosmetic issues. This is due to the fact that the countertop may have a protective coating, and exposing this coating to intense heat can lead to it becoming dull or discolored. If you must place a hot pot or pan on your granite countertops, you should put a thick towel down first so that the countertop is protected from direct heat.