Reasons To Have Your Carpeting Professionally Cleaned Before You List Your Home

If you're preparing to list your house for sale, then you've probably been hard at work getting your home "show-ready." From touching up paint to making necessary repairs, the more move-in ready your home is, the more likely you'll be to make a sale. One aspect of preparing your home to show that you won't want to overlook, however, is that of having a professional carpet cleaning done. There are many reasons to add this to your list before you try to sell!

Home Buyers Are Picky

Today's prospective home buyers are pickier than ever, and stepping into a home with matted, stained carpeting is never a good start. Instead, home buyers want to see that the flooring has been well maintained, as this could indicate to them how well you've maintained other aspects of the home. By having your carpeting professionally cleaned, you can get it looking like new, which will in-turn entice more buyers to make an offer.

Most Buyers Will Request It

Even if you don't think your carpeting is very dirty or looks bad now--and even if you have no problems getting an offer on your home initially--you may be surprised at how many buyers will still request a professional carpet cleaning on your dime before closing. By having your carpets cleaned ahead of time, you can avoid unnecessary delays in the closing on your home.

Lift Unwanted Odors and Stains

While buyers will certainly be focused on how your home looks, they're also going to notice any unpleasant smells and odors. Over time, smells can become "trapped" in your carpeting, and the only way to get rid of these odors completely is to have the carpeting professionally shampooed and/or steamed. The last thing you want is for a buyer to be scared off by a bad smell.

Remove Evidence of Pets

While you love your pets, not all of your prospective buyers will. This is why many real estate agents will encourage sellers to hide evidence of pets when they show their home. A professional carpet cleaning can remove set-in pet stains and smells that you might not notice, but those prospective buyers will. Pet hair will also be removed with a deep cleaning, so your buyers may not even be able to tell that there have been pets in your home.

Looking to sell your home? Make sure a professional carpet cleaning is at the top of your to-do list before that first showing! Contact a company like Kenton Carpet Care for more information and assistance.