Want to Increase Backyard Privacy? Get Help by Planting Trees

When you buy a home, you may focus on your family's necessities. This can lead to missing out on the bonus features that you would love to have in a home, but are not always able to obtain. Luckily, this does not mean that you cannot make changes or additions after buying a home.

If your family loves spending time in the backyard, you may want to create an environment that allows for maximum enjoyment and total relaxation. But, your backyard may have a noticeable flaw in that it lacks privacy, which is something that you can fix by planting several trees. Hiring a tree service company will help you with the planning and execution of improving privacy.

Multi-Story Neighbors

Living in a neighborhood with multi-story neighbors can present some complications for creating privacy in the backyard. While a standard wood or vinyl fence may be enough to block the views of neighboring single-story homes, you will not have the same results from a two-story home.

This is where you can grow tall, fast-growing trees in the direct path of their viewing spots. You can find a wide and bushy tree that will cover up all the windows of a neighbor's home. It may take a while to grow to maturity, but it will eventually provide a great deal of privacy. You can even take a young sapling and plant it to reduce how long it takes until you get some results.

Entire Backyard

If you are interested in adding privacy to the entire backyard, you can look at a tree such as the Leyland Cypress for widespread coverage. If you want to grow the lowest number of trees while still accomplishing your goal, you will benefit from a wide cultivar such as Naylor's Blue. You will appreciate having a tree expert plant these trees to ensure proper spacing for healthy growth.

Pool Area

To optimize costs, you may want to focus on adding privacy to crucial parts of your yard. For instance, you may have a pool that you would like to have privacy for family and friends. A tree service company can help you come up with a plan to add enough trees for full privacy. The plan should include picking trees that will not create messes in the pool that must be cleaned up.

Getting professional help to increase privacy in your backyard is a great way to guarantee results. Start today by contacting companies like Able Scape, Inc.