3 Routinely Asked Questions About Residential Decks

A deck can be a very useful feature to have on a home. Yet, homeowners that do not currently have a deck may require additional information before they are able to effectively decide on whether or not they should make the commitment to add this upgrade to their property.

Is Building a Deck Difficult?

It may seem as though the construction of a deck will be a fairly simple but time-consuming upgrade to make. This assumption can lead to homeowners attempting to build a deck without hiring professional help.

There are many complicating factors that will go into the design and construction of a deck. For example, it is necessary to account for the soil conditions to minimize the risk of the deck slanting. This occurs because the soil in one area may not be able to support the weight of the support beams, which can cause it to gradually sink deeper into the ground. Correcting these issues can prove to be very difficult and expensive, which makes hiring deck services for the initial construction the more prudent choice for most people.

Can You Prevent Your Wood Deck from Rotting?

It is common for homeowners to have hesitations about installing a wood deck due to the risk of rot developing. However, rot is a fairly simple problem to avoid for most decks. Treating the deck with a water repellent sealant will be invaluable in protecting it against the elements. Furthermore, you will want to regularly clean the deck as this will help to extend the life of the sealant by removing debris that could gradually degrade the protection that it offers. Every few years, a new coating of the sealant should be applied to ensure that the deck is getting the most protection possible.

What Should Be Done if Planks Become Damaged or Stained?

Over the many years that you own your deck, some of the planks will likely suffer minor damage or become discolored. While these issues can contribute to aesthetic and safety issues for the deck, it is not a major repair to make. The damage plank will need to be removed and replaced with a new one. This plank is unlikely to match the rest of your deck, but you can blend it by applying a new finish to the entire deck. While applying a new finish to the deck will require a fair amount of work, it can be worth it for ensuring that the deck is a beautiful place for your family to spend time.