Cleaning Your Granite Countertops The Right Way

If you are going to have granite countertops put in, or you have just done so, then you want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the products you can and cannot use on those countertops in order to preserve them and keep them looking their absolute best for as long as possible. Here is a helpful guide on cleaning your countertops and avoiding products that can ruin the way they look:

Clean your granite countertops daily

It's best for you to make sure you clean your countertops daily, even if you don't visibly see dirt on them. Not only will this ensure that your countertops aren't harboring germs that can be easily transferred onto your food, but it will also help you to keep them looking fabulous all the time.

Clean your countertops with the right products

Always make sure you are using a soft cloth on your granite countertops. You don't want to use an abrasive sponge to clean them, or you can cause them to become scratched. Not only will scratched countertops look rough, which ruins their gorgeous appearance, but the small scratches will provide germs and bacteria a place for them to hide.

Clean your countertops with liquid dish soap for great results

Dish soap and water is good for cleaning your granite countertops. It will clean them without causing negative things to happen, such as fogging them or even causing streaks. A lot of people tend to think that liquid dish soap isn't enough of a cleaner to sanitize the kitchen counters. However, once you realize that you count on liquid disk soap to properly clean the dishes you cook and eat with, you will feel better about the soap's ability to properly clean your countertops properly.

Don't use the wrong things on your granite countertops

Using the wrong products on your granite countertops can cause them to look hazy, look streaked and even cause the sealant to become weaker as time goes on. Using glass cleaners will cause the granite countertops to look streaked and foggy. Using lime or lemon on your granite countertops will cause the sealant to weaken. Using vinegar or harsh cleaners will also cause the sealant to weaken and many of these will cause that haziness as well. You definitely want to be sure you don't use bleach or ammonia on the countertops, even if you significantly dilute it.

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