Three Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a common household flooring solution that provide a warm and comfortable surface to walk on. They muffle sounds, are relatively soft, and won't be easily scratched up or damaged, making them ideal for homeowners that have young children or pets. However, since carpets are made out of softer materials than other common types of flooring materials, they require specialized cleaning in order to stay in good condition. Understanding some of the benefits associated with hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can help you determine if you should make an appointment to have your home's carpeting cleaned.

Dust Control

The primary reason to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in your home is to remove dust and other airborne particles, like pollen and pet dander, from the fibers of your carpeting. By deep-cleaning your carpets, a cleaning service will ensure that these pollutants aren't kicked into the air as you walk over your carpet, improving your home's overall air quality and reducing the chance and severity of allergy flare-ups. Further, carpet cleaning and dust control is also an effective way of eliminating the presence of dust mites in your home,

Mold Growth

Besides dust, the second most important reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned is the fact that doing so can reduce the risk of mold growth occurring, or eliminate mold spores that have already taken root. Mold and mildew will grow on any organic surfaces that are exposed to heavy amounts of moisture or high levels of humidity, and carpeting represents a prime location for mold to take hold. Like dust exposure, mold spores can aggravate respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma, and even contribute to the development of health problems, which makes carpet cleaning an essential part of maintaining your family's health.

Odor Control

Beyond removing dust, mold and other pollutants that may become trapped in the fabrics of your carpet, a professional carpet cleaning is an effective way to reduce lingering odors that may exist in your carpeting. While dust and mold carry their own smell, other things like food particles, liquids, dirt, and bacteria can all accumulate within your carpeting and release a smell that is not easily erased by regular cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning will be able to get deep into the carpet fibers and padding to remove any offending materials that may be contributing to the smell in your home.

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