4 Tips To Choose The Best Waterproofing And Drainage Improvements To Protect Your Home From Damage

Waterproofing is an important element that protects the foundation of your home and prevents water issues. In addition to waterproofing, your home also needs good drainage inside and outside to reduce problems with water and moisture. The following tips will help you choose the best improvements for waterproofing and drainage to protect your home from moisture and water damage problems:

1. Repairing and Upgrading Outdated Asphalt Waterproofing That Eventually Fails

Upgrading outdated asphalt waterproofing may be one of the first things that need to be done. You will want to inspect old waterproofing systems for failures and leaks that can lead to damage in your home and have them repaired. Today, there are alternatives to asphalt sealants to upgrade waterproofing and protect your home from potential damage due to leaks.

2. Adding Waterproofing to Areas of Your Home's Foundation That Are Vulnerable to Water Penetration

Waterproofing is also something that can wear out and often needs maintenance and repairs to ensure it is holding up. There are some homes that have areas that are more vulnerable to water penetrations, such as basements or areas with foundation walls in finished areas that are below the exterior grading. These are areas that can benefit from foundation waterproofing repairs and improvements.

3. Drainage Improvements for Landscaping and Gutters to Protect the Foundation of Your Home

The landscaping outside of your home can also be improved with drainage, which should be designed to keep the water away from your foundation and home. In addition, there are also areas where you may want to add drainage lines to your home, such as at gutter downspouts that often drain to close to the foundation and can be the cause of damage.

4. Interior Waterproofing Systems and Drainage to Protect Your Home's Foundation From Damage

The improvements to waterproofing and drainage should also continue inside of your home. To start, you may want to have an interior drainage system installed to help deal with moisture and water that gets into areas like basements. In addition, you may want to have interior foundation waterproofing installed in areas that are vulnerable to damage due to water and moisture.

These are some tips to help you choose the right waterproofing and drainage improvements to protect your home from damage. If you are worried about issues with water damage to your home, contact a foundation waterproofing company, such as Safe-Way Waterproofing, for help with these repairs and improvements.