Improving Your Understanding of Residential Water Heaters

A water heater may be the most important plumbing appliance that you own due to its value, complexity, and frequency of use. A lack of understanding about modern water heaters can leave you in a position of being unable to effectively supply your home with hot water.

How Can Air Pockets Impact Your Water Heater's Performance?

Air pockets in the water heater can have a major impact on the performance of the system. These air pockets will be able to prevent the unit from effectively warming the water in the tank by stopping the water from being able to come into contact with the heating elements. Often, these air pockets can form due to the system failing to be maintained. Over time, the water intake may become imbalanced, which could allow some air to be pulled into the system. During regular service visits, a technician will be able to release any air that may have gotten trapped in the water heater so that as much as the water as possible will be in contact with the heating elements.

Is It Worth Insulating Your Coming From the Water Heater?

Depending on the design of your home's plumbing system, much of the warmth from the water heater could be lost as a result of the pipes running along poorly insulated areas of the home. During the winter months, this could allow the temperature of the home's hot water to drop substantially. One way to reduce these effects is through the addition of insulation to the pipes that are adjacent to the exterior walls of the home. This upgrade will be relatively affordable, and it can have substantial impacts on your supply of hot water when the temperature outside is extremely cold.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Suitable for Large Households?

Upgrading to a better water heater can help you with ensuring that the home has enough hot water for the needs of your family. A tankless water heater can be among the most efficient options when you are considering upgrading this appliance. Unfortunately, those with large families or big houses may assume that this will be a poor match for their needs. This can be due to concerns about the tankless system running out of hot water when multiple people are using it. Yet, it is possible to opt for high-capacity tankless water heaters. These water heaters can output as much hot water as a traditional water heater system while still being more energy-efficient.