What Should You Test Well Water For?

Testing well water is one way to detect harmful substances in your water before they have the chance to make you sick. But if you are going to preemptively test for substances that cause illness, that takes a bit of knowledge to know what to test for. There are commonly tested items as well as things you will want to look for locally. Here is a guide to well water testing on a regular basis.

Adding Sculptures In Backyard Gardens

Marker stones, small flags, and tiny pinwheels and figurines are common garden accents. They add color and playfulness and help to expand on a specific design theme. The problem is that they are often small and become lost in a mature garden and may be practically invisible when the yard is viewed from the road, house, or sidewalk. Sculptures are a better option in larger gardens and make more of a visual impact from a distance.

Plants Not Thriving? 3 Signs That A Rodent Infestation Is The True Cause Of Your Brown Thumb

Gardeners often blame themselves when their plants fail to thrive. After all, you have learned that growing a garden requires a careful balance of soil maintenance and plant care. Yet, outdoor gardens are subject to many outside factors that can take you awhile to identify and control such as a pest infestation. While cutworms and other insects are easy to spot, rats tend to take longer to discover because they are experts at hiding.

Pest Control Tips For Your Backyard

It always sounds nice to enjoy the day outside from morning through night, but then you remember the bugs—flies, bees, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes. It's hard to enjoy your time outside when you're constantly swatting the bugs away or slathering on mosquito repellent to help protect you from those awful bug bites. There are ways to help control the insects in your backyard. See below for some helpful tips to allow you to finally enjoy your yard.

Top 4 All-Natural Weed Control Methods

In addition to being unsightly, weeds rob neighboring plants and flowers of important nutrients. This stops the vegetation from thriving and looking as healthy as it could the weeds were eliminated. Pulling out the weeds by hand is not always an option, especially if you have a large area to cover. If you're looking to avoid using chemical herbicides, there are four all-natural weed control methods you can try instead.